It’s the way business works: if you buy more of something, you get a better price. Shoppers at Costco and Sam’s Club know this rule all too well, as they walk out to their cars with massive jars of candy and three-month supplies of toilet paper. For a long time, this has been the model for wholesale purchases. You buy as much as you can reasonably store away in your home and reap the benefits of the discount.


Now, however, the Internet has enabled an entirely new format to take hold. It’s called group buying, and it’s making an indelible mark on the way people shop.

At, people can form communities of buying groups for any specific product or service: a laptop, a week in a hotel, a food product. Anything. Then, based on the number of people who are in each community, CrowdZap negotiates prices for you that are otherwise unheard of. The service is free, and unlike GroupOn, the users – not us – get to select the items that they want. The website is live already at Every day we are growing and becoming even better at what we do, delivering unbelievable deals to our users all through the power of the crowd.  CrowdZap is spreading rapidly through word of mouth, social media and Googlers.  Best of all, people realise the savings they make and keep coming back for the same products time and again.

Right now, we are preparing to run an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  This operating capital will cover the costs of:

  • Annual rent of warehouse facilities.  Our stock base is growing and we have limited capacity right now.
  • Building a bespoke fully functional platform for users to form communities, and enabling us to create a tiered membership system with auto analysis and approval of groups, with an even more intuitive interface.
  • The funds that you contribute will also pay for a professional marketing campaign to promote the CrowdZap platform.
  • We expect CrowdZap will grow fast for businesses who want to create communities for their products and services.  This will require a further integrated but standalone interface.

Every bit counts.  If you have any interest in this bookmark us or even better drop us a hi!



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