PanaSeeda Amaranth Seed Oil – 30ml

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Unleash your inner Samurai. The Japanese called it “Warriors Blood” for a reason.

Experience a New Pinnacle of Vitality
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The purest source of the highest quality Amaranth Oil in existence. Contains nearly 10% Squalene – completely rich, pure, intact and completely a whole food undamaged by chemical processes.  After this, it is unlikely you will need any more Squalene additions.

  • Squalene has a very unique ability to supply oxygen to the cells.
  • High In Calcium
  • Lysine to Strengthen Bones
  • Contains Essential Fatty Acids
  • Pumped-full of Vitamins and Minerals Naturally
  • Has potent Polyphenols for your Brain
  • Contains All Essential Amino Acids
  • One of the greatest anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants known to man
  • powerful skin rejuvenator and moisturizer

“Squalene exhibits a remarkable ability to help strengthen the human immune system and is perhaps
the most amazing immune enhancer ever discovered.”

~North American Research Excerpts

Because Squalene increases HDL, or “good cholesterol”, it stimulates excretion of “bad cholesterol” in bile acids – helping lower dangerous “high cholesterol” that can contribute to heart disease – by improving our overall total cholesterol ratio, thus helping reduce the risk of heart disease

Nourishing Traditions

The Japanese have been long known for their longevity… and reputation for living long-healthy lives.

They also have among the lowest incidences of cancer and coronary heart disease.

And although not “all Japanese” habits are created equal – for the purposes of ultimate vitality & longevity, there is some very interesting history among their elite…

There is a definitive legend of ancient fisherman among the coastlines of the Suruga Bay – that were extraordinarily strong and infused with vitality – due to undiscovered-extracts they were taking.

As Shoguns caught word of this… after they too began consuming it, they also began requiring all their Samurai warriors to ingest this secret extract as well.

And even though the extracts reputation exceeded all expectations… no one really knew WHY it actually worked, or what it really was inside, or what it was called.

There was no particularly known reasoning for it’s many health & life-giving properties.

All they knew is – somebody had caught a “deep sea shark” known as the dogfish shark (or aizame) in the pacific ocean, extracted oil from its liver – and decided to drink it!

…But it wasn’t until 1906, that an unsaturated-hydrocarbon in this shark liver oil, was actually discovered, and deemed responsible for all the folklore.

And in 1916, it was publically announced by its given name — Squalene.

This source though, is completely vegetarian and plant derived from the recently discovered Ancient Heirloom Food Seed.

Certainly worth a go.


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