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Increases Energy and Vitality, Supports Mental Focus, Enhances Immune System – 3rd Party Tested for Superior Purity & Potency.  


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Now you can discover the 100% Pure & Organic Marine Phytoplankton made by Activation Products –  Forumites wanted this particular brand because it is rated the best at achieving tangible results.


The Science Bit


Marine Phytoplankton is a single cell microscopic organism. Photosynthesising Microalgae , are important for life on earth. Phytoplankton produces over 50% of the atmospheric oxygen, but being so microscopic, they feed marine animals e.g. shellfish.  To be so small and feed animals to this extent, phytoplankton is considered the most nutrient dense food available today.

“Marine Phytoplankton makes available to us – every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide, or healthy sugars and essential oils that the body needs” – Hugo Rodier, MD, Nutrition Professor University of Utah Medical School.

The enhanced multi-strain marine phytoplankton in Oceans Alive 2.0, has the power to renew your body from the inside out. Users mention a marked increase in energy levels, increase in mental sharpness, clarity and overall cognitive abilities – and a great nights sleep.

Do you suffer from any of these?

• Lack of Energy and Endurance?

• Lack of Mental Focus?

• Joint Pain and Aches?

• Feeling like your body cannot recover from daily demands?


✔ Increases Energy and Endurance

✔ Increases Mental Focus and Clarity

✔ Eases joint discomfort and inflammation

✔ Promotes Heart Health

Due to high demand, and limited availability, we are often out of stock – order soon for you and your family.  Save more money on the multi-buy offers available.

    • ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE: Oceans Alive 2.0 is a Plant-Based Premium Superfood and the source of all marine based nutrition. This is the Food that Powers the Planet.
    • SUPPORTS COGNITIVE ABILITIES: This concentrated solution fortifies the electrolytic fluid system with 90+ ionic, trace and organic minerals that are fully bioavailable to the body.
    • ANTI-OXIDANT: Oceans Alive 2.0 New Advanced Formula Contains the Highest Active Form of Superoxide Dismutase.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY & PURITY: Oceans Alive 2.0 requires no refrigeration. Product comes packaged in 1 oz. dark amber glass bottles with high-end food grade droppers for easy dispensing.
  • WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING: People that experience Oceans Alive are known to enjoy enhanced brain function, improved immune function, improved cellular repair, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, and a residual ‘grounding energy’ overall. Just read the reviews below!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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