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Brain, Muscle, Bone, Tissue & Sleep

60ml travel size version, for those short haul journeys and trips away.   Or use as an introduction to Magnesium Spray and see how it works for you. 1-2 weeks  supply.

Your bones will love you, your brain and heart will reward you for ensuring this super cellular fuel is topped up all day. Treat yourself to a feel good mood every day and avoid the unnecessary health issues that arise from low magnesium levels.

Did you realise that most people today are magnesium deficient? 80% in fact.  This results in aches, pains, insomnia and according to many higher chances of heart attacks.  Read what Dr Mercola has to say.

What if 20-30 sprays per day is all it would take to greatly improve your overall health and feeling of wellbeing?

Ease topical magnesium can make that a reality – Giving you 27.2mg of magnesium per spray, this powerful supplement is easily absorbed into the skin, enters the blood stream and goes to directly to work in your body, eliminating aches and pains, alleviating stress and anxiety, aiding digestion, ensuring deeper and more satisfying sleep and leaving you feeling revitalized and strong.

With over 80% of the world in a state of magnesium deficiency it’s no wonder that pain relief is constantly sought after and insomnia affects so many. This is a problem easily solved, by seeking out a top quality magnesium supplement with bioavailability that surpasses that of oral supplements and ensures we get what we cannot get from our diets. Look no further, Ease has it all – and we’re so sure that it’s backed by our money back guarantee – if not benefitting after 2 months of continued use.

Based on glowing tributes from across the web, there is certainly no harm in trying this product and seeing what changes you notice.  We at CrowdZap procured this product based on specific demand and requests to get this.

Ingredients: Purified water and pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

This beautiful product goes on smoothly and easily to perfectly supply the exact amount of magnesium needed to make your muscles happy and strong.


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