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Partner with CrowdZap and Earn Cash

There is a great opportunity to earn a sustainable income as a CrowdZap partner. Here’s how:

Step 1. START a Buying Group on CrowdZap

Step 2. Within 24 hours of starting it, email stating the name of your Buying Group

Step 3. If the Buying Group is original, genuine and meets eligibility terms, you will receive an email confirmation of profit share

Step 4. Start socialising and sharing the Buying Group to get as many signups as possible.

Step 5. After purchases of the product/service have been made, any profit due will be issued within 35 days of delivery

In summary, the more group members you recruit, the more likelihood of this translating to sales, the greater your commission will be.  Read the CrowdZap Earnings blog entry for more  information.


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