Interested in becoming a partner?  We have to be realistic in terms of what income levels you should expect if you start a campaign on   You most likely WON’T be retiring to the Bahamas this side of Christmas, but what we can guarantee you is that with a little bit of patience and some thought into choosing the right products, you can make a decidedly positive contribution to your bank balance.   Here is how:


money rain

What you will need is  decent product/service knowledge and good networking skills.  Alternatively you may just have an interest or passion for a product, and be aware of a community of people who would love to get a discount on that same product or service.


That could be anything from a health supplement, to a particular holiday resort, to a gadget, to a car, to a good watch (if you wanna have a good time, you gotta have a good watch right! Right?!), to a sports massage to a … I think you get the idea – the options are endless.   We at CrowdZap are passionate about working hard to get the things people love and want – at the best price. This is only possible by grouping together and bulk buying, and CrowdZap can make it happen.


All you have to do is create the campaign* and get people to join through your social networks.


That. Is. It.


CrowdZap does all the hard work of negotiating with the best suppliers, getting the goods to the end customer and even managing the customer service element.  


Once there are a good number of members, CrowdZap will get the service or product to everyone on the campaign members list.   The choice to buy is still everyone’s to make, but for every purchase made, CrowdZap will share with your 20% of the Net Profit associated with that sale.


Here’s a typical example:   If you are an audiophile and want the latest set of designer headphones, with, let’s say an RRP of £100, CrowdZap uses its procurement network to find the best supplier and source those headphones for £60. These are then offered to the campaign members at, say £80.   If there are 50 actual buyers, that would be a gross profit of £1000 for CrowdZap. After admin costs such as postage, you would then receive 20% of the £1000, which could be up to £200.   The key to a successful campaign is knowing what product people will want, and then promoting the campaign to them.   Just a Like and a mention on twitter or Facebook, or a forward on an email or Whatsapp group can be enough to make the campaign go viral.


Fancy waking up to an extra few hundred quid? Follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Start a campaign on CrowdZap

2. Within 24 hours of campaign start, email stating the name of your campaign, along with your username.

3. If the campaign is original, genuine and meets CrowdZap terms and conditions, you will receive an email confirmation.

4. Start socialising and sharing the campaign to get as many signups as possible.

5. After purchases of the product/campaign have been made, any profit due will be issued within 28 days


So in summary, the more campaign members you recruit, the more likelihood of this translating to sales, the greater your commission will be.



*campaign approval and confirmation required from CrowdZap Admin, with agreement to issued terms and conditions



Please send us a message with any questions or queries you have


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