So, the eternal questions I get asked are – why did you start CrowdZap, and where did your idea come from?

My apologies for using the over-used “lightbulb moment” phrase– but that is exactly what it was.   We all have such moments, but this time I wanted to do something about it.

It started earlier this year with the purchase of a Brita water filter jug from GroupOn. I had never before purchased an item from GroupOn, but believed (and still do!) that their concept is a great one.  Concepts are great, but it’s the practical and customer side of things which starts this story.

So here I was, a regular Joe, gasping for my filtered water. Over a week goes by and hey presto (!) a parcel arrives from GroupOn.   My good lady opens it in the kitchen whilst I am having a rather boisterous game of hide and seek (hiding from the kids – not the wife J).

“Er…why have you ordered a cutlery set!” she bellowed, blowing my cover in one foul swoop

Ok, receiving the wrong item – can happen to anybody I guess.  But customer service should be there to pick up the pieces, and make good from the situation.

After explaining the situation to GroupOn – and perhaps half expecting them to let me keep the cutlery set, GroupOn stuck the knife in further (pardon the pun) and stated in unapologetic monotone :

Sorry, but we don’t offer refunds or exchanges

Un bah leave able.

After much debate, GroupOn did eventually complete the refund, but I never did receive the water filter jug.

Now, it’s quite easy to think, I could run GroupOn better. But the truth is, they are a huge international company, with huge profits, and I’m sure some very professional people work there – but somewhere along the line, it felt like they just got out of touch.  I thought, if I were to do it better it would be by offering a service that genuinely fulfils the needs of customers.   What better way than to allow the consumer to define exactly what those needs are, and allow my business to fulfil those very needs. Bang – was born.

So the concept is extremely simple, powerful and effective.  Whereas other deal-of-the-day websites such as GroupOn are responsible for negotiating the products and prices with the suppliers that they think will sell, CrowdZap turns that model on its head.   I want you, the buyer, to decide what you want, create a campaign, and the CrowdZap buying team immediately gets to work on negotiating the biggest bulk discount possible for that item or service. Obviously the greater the number of campaign supporters, the greater the discount will be.

Imrans Collage

Don;t limit your imagination. From small things like a nice pen or a set of the latest trend setting headphones, to a luxury holiday destination, a car, or even a reduced electricity tariff – sorry to sound a bit like Mr Spock but the Power of Many, outweighs the power of the few or the one.

The guys and girls here at CrowdZap hope you enjoy watching your campaigns grow, we promise to work our proverbial socks off to get you some great deals. We have an open door communication policy, so please do feel free to drop us a message and we promise to hear you and serve you. And guess what? NO CUTLERY (unless you start a campaign of course!)

All the very best to you and happy zapping!

Imran and the CrowdZap Team


Please send us a message with any questions or queries you have


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